Daily Archives: 2016-01-06

The willingness to learn language as a form of assimilation

By Richard Wan The State of Louisiana was actually a french territory in the continental America initially. It was officially proclaimed as a French territory and named in honour of King Louis XIV by explorer Cavelier de Lasalle in 1682. In other words, it was the French who founded Louisiana. In 1803, Napoleon sold the Louisiana territory to the United …

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Were rights taken seriously in Jolovan Wham’s case?

By Tan Wah Piow The recent High Court ruling that a “warning” issued by the police against Jolovan Wham had no legal effect and was not binding has attracted media attention. To a layperson, this decision appears to be favourable to the litigant Jolovan Wham, and was a slap on the wrist for the Attorney General. One cyberspace commentator interpreted …

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