Israeli Embassy apologises for incident involving Singapore flag

The Israeli Embassy in a statement on Wednesday apologised for an incident in which the Singapore flag was used as a table cloth at a party hosted by one of its junior diplomats.

In its statement, the Israeli Embassy said it “was appalled to learn of deplorable behaviour displayed by one of its junior staff members and expresses its sincere apologies”.

The embassy added, “The Director General of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has instructed that requisite strong disciplinary procedure will be adopted against the individual after his meeting with the Singapore authorities, reflecting the severity with which Israel views this incident, especially in light of the close and friendly relationship between Singapore and Israel.”

singapore table cloth
Photo from All Singapore Stuff

While the embassy did not indicate clearly on what the incident was about, the details of the statement coincide with a post by All Singapore Stuff, entitled “Ang Mos use Singapore Flag as table cloth for their party” on 28 December.

The post showed a Singapore flag being used as a table cloth at a party and was later made known that the incident took place at the Levelz Condominium, Farrer Road on Sunday.

It is said in the post that a friend of the photographer had reported the matter to the police. In response to media queries, Singapore Police Force shared that investigations revealed that the party was hosted by a junior Israeli diplomat.

The Israeli Ambassador was later summoned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In a response to media queries on Wednesday night, a spokesmen for the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that the misuse of the Singapore flag is a serious offence.

“We welcome the Israeli Embassy’s apology and assurances that it will undertake the necessary disciplinary actions against the individual concerned,” the spokesman added.

“All persons, including diplomats and foreigners in Singapore, must respect and abide by our laws and regulations.”

Adapted from news sources.