Daily Archives: 2015-12-25

Pedestrian knocked down by SOC vehicle on Christmas Eve

A video submitted to local citizen journalism website, STOMP shows a pedestrian being knocked down by a Special Operations Command (SOC) vehicle from the police force at Clemenceau Avenue towards Havelock Road. The SOC vehicle is also commonly known as a riot truck or “red truck”. The accident is said to have taken place around 10pm on Christmas Eve. The special …

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“The power of ideas” – David Harvey at the LSE

By Tan Wah Piow For many, the world is in a bigger mess now than at the start of 2015. As the year comes to an end, politicians compete to offer solutions to global issues ranging from terrorism, the financial crisis, income inequalities through to global warming. We hear them prescribing the  “how” to solve the myriad of problems, but …

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