Compass Point to be renamed 1 Sengkang Mall in 2016

Compass Point, a suburban shopping mall located at 1 Sengkang Square will be reopening in 2016 with a brand new name, “1 Sengkang Mall” after concluding a renaming competition for the mall.

The management confirmed it via a Facebook post and shared that the name has approved by Government Authorities.

The “Give us our new name” contest was held from 15 October to 30 October this year. The naming competition is won by Ms Lee Sook Fong for her winning entry and would be awarded $1,000 in cash.

The shopping mall was opened in 2002 as an integrated development together with a condominium, Compass Heights which is located above the mall. The mall has been temporarily closed since October for upgrading works and is expected to re-open next year with the new name.

Many netizens went on the shopping mall’s Facebook page to lament how redudant the naming exercise is and they preferred the old name.

Joy Aesther Chan commented, “No offence, but can you guys just revert back the name to Compass Point? It’s so much more elegant with the logo as well. Naming it to Sengkang Mall is too simplistic, and totally not worth it for the cash prize”

Samuel Lee commented, “Sometimes business people just don’t know what sentimental and uniqueness means, Compass Point had remain and rooted to those who stay in Sengkang and even those who from other estates. Please give us back the name that we are fond and love for the past decade and keep that 1sengkang mall for yourself or future development.”

Another commenter, Valerie Mok laughed at the competition and wrote, “Lol sengkang mall, was there a need to hold a competition to decide on that name?”.

A similar competition can be recalled when 15-year-old, Jonathan Sng, won $2,000 cash and a 3G mobile phone after winning the naming competition for the terminal for the budget air flights at the Changi Airport. His winning entry for the naming competition was “Budget Terminal”.

But none can match up to the renaming exercise of “Marina Bay” where the urban development authorities and global branding company Interbrand spent $400,000 and several months of effort before they finally decided to use back the same name, “Marina Bay” for the newly revamped downtown area.