Daily Archives: 2015-12-22

Walls are not a luxury

By Jeremy Boo and Lee Xian Jie The Ministry of Health has decided that it cannot provide subsidies for residents in Jade Circle, which was going to be a nursing home for people with dementia which planned to only provide single or twin rooms. Consequently, plans to build Jade Circle have been shelved. The Ministry’s justification for their decision was that …

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Singapore wasn’t “kicked out” of Malaysia: Albatross files gives us a better understanding of moment in history

There is no more iconic moment of the birth of independent Singapore than when first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew cried on national television while announcing the separation of Singapore and Malaysia. “Because of the telecast, viewers in Singapore were able to witness first-hand not only the birth of the country, but also PM Lee’s emotional outburst and the long …

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