Daily Archives: 2015-12-04

Government agencies and transport operators to collaborate on maintenance of public transport

Government agencies the Land Transport Authority (LTA), the Public Utilities Board (PUB) and public transport operations SBS Transit and SMRT Corporation signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) at the Joint Forum on Infrastructure Maintenance on Friday. The MoU sets out areas of collaboration between the four entities: asset management strategies, maintenance programmes, maintenance expertise, and audit processes. Through these collaborations, engineers from …

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National Gallery: Icing on the SG50 cake

By Woon Tien Wei It was first announced in 2005, by the then-Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts, that the Supreme Court and City Hall buildings will house a ‘world-class art gallery’ within five years. It has taken forever to create this ‘world-class art gallery’, and the journey for this high-profile cultural institution has not been entirely smooth sailing – with …

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3 major reasons why your property agent should be your best friend

By Amanda Ong, www.belowVal.sg You have probably already heard of all the advice to not use a friend as your property agent. I agree that you should not use someone who is already your friend, but it’s smart to turn your property agent into your best friend. Here’s 3 major reasons why: You will be in constant contact with your …

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