Daily Archives: 2015-11-28

LTA officer strike Uber driver at Bugis taxi stand

A recent video which is the talk of the town on social media shows a fight between a LTA officer and an Uber driver, Goh Kok Ling, 59. In the video, the driver on the left of the screen was seen whispering something to the LTA officer on the right of the screen, when suddenly the LTA officer started punching …

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Cheng makes allegations against TOC; MLC chairman disagrees with Cheng

Former Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) and current member of the Media Literacy Council, Calvin Cheng, has made an allegation against the editors of The Online Citizen (TOC). In a Facebook post on 25 November, Mr Cheng charged that Ms Kirsten Han, who is a freelance journalist and who is also a member of the TOC editorial team, was a …

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MLC: Calvin Cheng did not engage in hate speech

Media Literacy Council (MLC) has published a statement by its chairman on the recent comments made by former Nominated Member of Parliament, Mr Calvin Cheng, about killing children of terrorists just “in case” they grow up to take revenge. Mr Cheng posted on a thread about liberalism and security started by Future-Moves group chief executive Devadas Krishnadas. Below is the …

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