Singapore takes part in for Kindness Worldwide Flashmob

(Photo Credit: Singapore Kindness Movement)

Diners at Lau Pa Sat were treated to a surprise performance last evening when a group of dancers started dancing in the middle of the iconic hawker centre.

Jointly organised by the Singapore Kindness Movement and Life Vest Inside, some 25 participants put on an energetic display as part of the 4th annual Dance for Kindness Worldwide Flashmob. Keeping on beat with thousands others across 46 other global cities, the performance helped to kick off celebrations for World Kindness Week.

The organisers expressed that just as the iconic Times Square served as the flashmob location for New York City, Lau Pa Sat was chosen this year as it is a true Singapore landmark.

For the first time, people from around the world were also able to watch the Dance for Kindness event using Periscope, a live video streaming app, which broadcasted snippets of the action from the flashmob locations across 28 countries, via the #DFK2015 hashtag.