Rats drop from ceiling in Bedok Mall

Mr William Lim was shopping with his wife in Bedok Mall when suddenly two big rats fell from the aircon duct in the ceiling.

Mr Lim related what happened and posted a video of the incident on 18 October on his Facebook page.

He said the rat shown in the video had fallen and broken its leg while another had ran and hid inside one of the shops there.

In the video, a crowd is seen gathering around the area while the injured rat was trying to get away.

When quried about the incident, Mr Mustafa Abdul Rahim, General Manager of Bedok Mall said on behalf of the mall, “Our mall’s cleanliness standards are of great importance. We have instituted guidelines to tenants on proper housekeeping and pest control, and conduct pest control weekly.  We take a serious view of any report of rodent sighting and upon the sighting on 18 October, we immediately called in our pest control company, which caught the rodents the very next day.  We then laid more traps as a preventive measure, and continue to monitor the area closely. No rodent activity has been detected since.”

He added, “We have since stepped up our pest control efforts and the frequency of our checks from weekly to daily.  We will continue to review our cleanliness guidelines and procedures to ensure that they remain relevant.”

This is not the first time rats are seen in shopping malls.

Earlier this year, the National Environment Agency (NEA) found signs of rodent infestation in the false ceilings of 14 food outlets in Marina Square after conducting surveys at the shopping mall.

The shopping mall was placed in the media spotlight in January after a dead rat was found in a dish served by restaurant, Hotpot Culture. The shop has since cleaned the premises and stopped serving the dish.

In October last year, Marina Square was also under the spotlight after 12 food outlets were found to have rodent activity.

TOC has also written into NEA for comments on the latest incident.