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Is keeping hedgehogs illegal in Singapore?

Letter to The Online Citizen:

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I came across jemisgem dayreme ( whose owner is a postgraduate student from NUS Architecture. She showcases her new pet hedgehog named Truffles openly in the public domain. It seems that the hedgehog is brought in from Malaysia, presumably by her boyfriend, and it seems that both know the possession of such a pet is illegal in Singapore.

As an animal activist, I am surprised and at the same time, worried. How did she manage to smuggled in a hedgehog from Malaysia into Singapore?

It is stated clearly in the AVA website that under the Wild Animals and Birds Act, wild animals such as hedgehogs should not be caught or kept as pet. (See here.)

The penalty for keeping an illegal animal can be severe.

AVA website lists hedgehogs as prohibited animals in S'pore
AVA website lists hedgehogs as prohibited animals in S’pore

Placing the hedgehog in an environment that is not catered for them is no different from animal cruelty . In fact, a 26-year old Malaysian man was fined a sum of $1,500 under the Animals and Birds Act for bringing in two hedgehogs and a leopard gecko in July, 2015.

I hope that this post will raise awareness of animal cruelty, and prevent the further abuse of endangered animals.

In addition, there is a need for stringent enforcement at the customs since wildlife animal importers from Malaysia are still actively trading with local buyers who wish to get these exotic wildlife as pet.

Note: I have already reported the incident to AVA. Hope you published this post to create more awareness. The content is not made up, you can visit the website I listed above to verify.

Concerned Citizen