Daily Archives: 2015-10-23

What is Honour Singapore’s “value-based” agenda?

A YouTube video sent by a reader to The Online Citizen has raised new questions over the religious affiliations of non-profit organisation Honour (Singapore). The video features a talk by Honour (Singapore) director Khoo Oon Theam entitled “Leadership Forum of Global Chinese Christian Entrepreneurs” in Taipei on May 2014, in which he explicitly links the supposedly secular organisation to the …

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“Harness your political strap on” – Vinny Sharp takes on GE2015

It’s been over a month since the results of the 2015 general election came out, surprising everyone with the People Action Party’s 70 per cent victory. All those delighted by the results have got over the high of the win – with the party itself launching a post-mortem of the election – while those disappointed have presumably stopped stress-eating and …

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SDT’s Swan Lake set to thrill audience yet again

As a grand finale to Singapore Dance Theatre’s (SDT) performance season 2015, the theatre will be presenting one of the world’s most famous and well-loved ballet of all time, Swan Lake. With an ever-compelling story and technically demanding choreography, this is the ballet not to be missed! An ideal performance for seasoned audiences and novice attendees, Swan Lake offers a clear plot to follow and …

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Is keeping hedgehogs illegal in Singapore?

Letter to The Online Citizen: I came across jemisgem dayreme (https://dayre.me/jemisgem) whose owner is a postgraduate student from NUS Architecture. She showcases her new pet hedgehog named Truffles openly in the public domain. It seems that the hedgehog is brought in from Malaysia, presumably by her boyfriend, and it seems that both know the possession of such a pet is …

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