Daily Archives: 2015-10-15

Hoverboard flight – man smashes world record, now works on new prototype

Man has been obsessed with flight even before the Wright brothers showed the world in 1903 that such fantasies could in fact become real. Recently, reports emerged that a small American company was close to developing the world’s first flying cars, and that the first prototypes would be ready in eight to ten years. (See here.) But before these flying …

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S’pore’s anti-trafficking norms must evolve

This article is written in response to Singapore’s accession to the UN TIP Protoccol on 29 September 2015. It was first published by TODAY, Voices, on 6 October 2015. By Tam Peck Hoon, Campaign Manager, Stoptraffickingsg Campaign, Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics The Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME) welcomes Singapore’s accession to the United Nations Protocol to Prevent, Suppress …

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Khaw’s 2014 rail disruption numbers don’t seem to tally

In a recent blog post, “Catching up with HK“, the new Transport Minister, Khaw Boon Wan, shared his thoughts on the transportation system, and how Singapore should emulate Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway (MTR) in terms of reliability and how Singaporeans should be mentally prepared for future breakdowns. On building up citizen’s mental preparedness for future breakdowns, Mr Khaw wrote: …

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