ONE (Singapore) Awards are back!

ONE (SINGAPORE), a local non-profit organisation, has opened the nomination for its awards in 2015.
The two awards are:
The Corporate Community Engagement Award is for the company with outstanding community initiatives that are in line with the campaign to Make Poverty History. The winner should demonstrate a commitment to the community.
The ONE Hero Award is for the individual who is making an outstanding contribution to the community and positive impact on the world around them.

“The ONE Hero shares our passion to Make Poverty History and create the world we want,” the NGO says.

In an interview with Jolovan Wham, the executive director of the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME) and a former recipient of its award,  ONE says HOME has expanded its services to reach out to more vulnerable populations, such Burmese domestic workers.

“We also embarked on campaigns to raise awareness of trafficking in persons and launched such a campaign last year. We have stepped up on our advocacy and embarked on a number of research studies to raise awareness of issues affecting migrant workers,” said Mr Wham.

On what qualities should a nominee for the award have, Mr Wham said that one should possess the qualities of persistence, perseverance, passion and compassion.

On the issue of world poverty, Mr Wham’s view is that this issue has been around since time immemorial.”But this doesn’t mean we should not stop trying to make the world a better place for everyone. These two movements are important because they are led by ordinary citizens.  Change should always start from the bottom up,” he said.

Mr Wham shared that for individuals to start making a difference, they can volunteer with NGOs, talk to their local MPs, raise awareness and take action via social media. Such NGOs can then go on to form partnerships with the community to implement programmes and campaigns to effect change.Nomination for the awards will be closed on 8th October. To nominate an organisation or individual, visit this page.

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