Urgent need to prepare next team to take over: PM Lee


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong says there is an “urgent need to prepare the next team to take over” from him and his colleagues.

Announcing the line-up to his new post-GE Cabinet, Mr Lee said, “I will put many younger colleagues into key ministries to broaden their experience. I have also reinforced my team with newly-elected MPs as well as existing backbenchers.”

“These moves will help prepare the next generation of leaders that will work with you,” said Mr Lee, who has indicated that he would like to step down as PM by the time he is 70, which is about seven years from now.

“Half of the office holders will now be below 50 years old,” he said of the new cabinet. “I will do a mid-term review and expect to make further changes. We must have a new team ready to take over, soon after the next general election.”

Watch the press conference here:

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