Taken for a ride but taxi passenger keeps cool


When Mr Syed Hyder boarded a taxi, he asked the driver to go by “the fastest way possible” to his destination.

However, apparently the driver took him via another route which turned out to be a much longer one.

But instead of blowing his top at being cheated or being taken for a ride, Mr Syed kept a smiling face and instead chose to call out the driver’s lack of professionalism.

“Actually this one faster? Cannot be lah,” Mr Syed said in the video of the exchange he had with the driver which he had recorded. “We both know this one not faster what.”

“This one is more smooth,” the unidentified taxi driver replied.

“But this one actually quite long, right? You think,” Mr Syed said. “So you choose to go all the way around …”

He then told the driver to “let’s be honest” and that “we both know what’s going on.”

“You see like I don’t know where to go, you choose to do this,” he told the driver. “You cannot like this lah. No good, right? Next time don’t do this lah.”

Mr Syed told the taxi driver, “I don’t mind paying you full fare but next time don’t do this, ok?”

While most of the comments following his Facebook post were supportive of what he did – in exposing the driver’s dishonesty – some were critical of him, and that he was trying to get the taxi driver into trouble.

“It’s so crazy easy to focus on the negative instead of the positive,” Mr Syed said in a later posting, addressing the criticisms. “Found myself getting perplexed and upset over the fact that people thought I was actually trying to get the cab driver into trouble when I made sure that he would not get implicated. Did it all in the spirit of having a laugh, and sharing it with people who have been in similar situations. It really started to upset me when people couldn’t see that.”

He then added:

“Then I realised that for every negative comment on the page, there were a whole bunch of others that were positive elsewhere. Somehow I chose to focus on the negative ones like they were more important. Thinking about it, there is nothing to suggest that they are tho. I just decided that.

“Upon realising this, I have decided that I am going to start the week awesome with Kopi Peng Siu dai and Chwee kueh, before my morning meetings start.”

The video was posted on his Facebook page on Sunday and has since garnered almost 1,500 “likes” and more than 1,780 shares.