Daily Archives: 2015-09-26

Facebook “unfriending” incident is workplace bullying: Australian tribunal

In an unusual case in Tasmania, Australia, a government agency has found that unfriending someone on social network platform Facebook can constitute workplace bullying. That was what the Fair Work Commission (FWC), a workplace tribunal, had found in a case involving two workers in a real estate agency. The FWC is “responsible for maintaining a safety net of minimum wages …

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Sg Gov’t gets tough with errant companies responsible for haze

“Ultimately, errant companies must know there must be a price to be paid for damaging our health, the environment and economy,” Singapore’s Minister of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR), Vivian Balakrishnan, warned on Friday. He was speaking at a media conference on the haze situation in Singapore and Indonesia, which is the source of the annual smog. Dr Balakrishnan revealed …

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6 areas Singapore could improve on to become a great city

This week at the Calling It Out Show, Sean and Ben present a list of six reasons why Singapore may not be the greatest country in the world. While certainly many would want to come here (and indeed many have) to live and play, the city-state’s ranking in some areas nonetheless might hint that the paradise that we are told we …

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