Daily Archives: 2015-09-24

Schools closed as haze worsens in Singapore

Kindergartens, primary, secondary and special education schools will be closed on Friday after the 24-hour PSI forecast suggested that the air quality would be in the ‘Very Unhealthy’ range, the Ministry of Education (MOE) announced on Thursday. Due to the short notice, parents who are unable to make alternative childcare arrangements may still send their children to school, where they will be …

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Refer to PM2.5 readings, not PSI

While there has been much hullabaloo about the Pollution Standard Index (PSI) in this unfolding haze saga – what with its inexplicable fluctuations, mismatch between what is observed and the figure published on the National Environment Agency (NEA) website, and the stubborn decision to issue 3-hour PSI average figures instead of the hourly measurements upon which these averages are calculated …

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Burning down the columbarium – the power of citizen journalism

Anyone in Singapore knows that the business-government relationship is stronger than any marriage can ever be, and it is seldom the case that the government backs down on big-ticket deals related to infrastructure. For example, the Integrated Resorts (IRs) faced a severe backlash from many Singaporeans who grew up with the notion that gambling was the devil’s work. Since our government doesn’t practice having …

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SMRT to be fined $5.4 million for service disruption on 7 July

Finding SMRT fully responsible for the system-wide disruption on the North-South and East-West Lines (NSEWL) on 7 July 2015, and given the severity of the disruption and impact on commuters, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has announced that it intends to impose a financial penalty of $5.4 million on local transport operator, SMRT. This is the highest financial penalty imposed on …

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