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GE 2015: Could there have been any other result?

By Dr Chee Soon Juan I wrote a couple of weeks prior to the last GE that come day-after-polling, the PAP will declare victory and, thereafter, it will be one-party-rule-as-usual. I also pointed out, which I have done countless of times before, that the electoral process in Singapore facilitates one and only one outcome: PAP victory. There can be no other. …

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Modelling the 2015 general election: numbers, outcomes… and theory?

By Vernon Chan Singaporeans voted on 11 September 2015 and returned the People’s Action Party (PAP) to power with a supermajority and a 9.9 per cent swing in its favour. This was despite five years of poor performance by the PAP, where policy and governance failures erupted in the public eye. We at Illusio conduct a postmortem to uncover, from …

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4 burning property investment questions answered

By Property Soul Q: Is it a good time to buy properties now? A: It depends. If you are a savvy property investor with many years of experience, if you have the financial means and you know what you are looking for, by all means go ahead. But most of us are just ordinary property buyers who are most likely …

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Man intrudes onto F1 tracks, arrested by police

Singapore’s Formula One racing competition was interrupted when a man in a dark top and shorts was seen walking on the tracks during the race on Sunday evening. Just chillin' #SingaporeGP pic.twitter.com/rWe5PlWGh5 — Racing Humour (@racinghumour) September 20, 2015 The organizers of the race immediately deployed the safety car onto the race track to limit the speed of the cars. …

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