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Debunk haze rumours but Gov’t should also address concerns

By LL Haze: Comments from Vivian Balakrishnan and Tan Chuan-Jin on cloud-seeding do not address the full picture After more than a week of haze, the past 2 days brought the relief of rain. I had assumed, grateful for their quick reaction, that Singapore’s authorities had called for cloud-seeding. So I was very surprised to see Water and Environment Minister …

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Historians hold Reddit AMA session, receive over 200 comments

As part of Living With Myths – a series of seminars deconstructing myths used in Singapore to shape the national identity – historians Loh Kah Seng and Thum Pingtjin held a AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit on Wednesday night. Both historians have been labelled as “revisionists” for their work on incidents like Operation Coldstore – when over 100 …

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WP again calls for “definitive clarification” from PAP on PETC accounts

The Workers’ Party (WP) is still waiting for the “definitive clarification” from the People’s Action Party (PAP) on the state of the accounts of the Punggol East Town Council (PETC) when it was handed over to the WP in 2013. Mr Low Thia Khiang, who was responding to reporters’ questions on Wednesday, reiterated what WP chairman, Sylvia Lim, had said …

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Letter to TOC: Go beyond knee-jerk reaction to haze problem

The following is an unpublished letter which the author had sent to the Straits Times, and copied to the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources, on 15 Sep 2015. Dear Editor, The haze, like a horror movie, terrifies everybody experiencing it. Looks like the people in Jakarta do not feel the effect of being “hazified”, else why didn’t they take …

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MOH activates Haze Subsidy Scheme

Pioneers to pay no more than $5 if they were to seek treatment for haze-related conditions Due to the worsening haze situation in Singapore, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has activated the Haze Subsidy Scheme (HSS) which will be available at all polyclinics and Public Health Preparedness Clinics (PHPC). The HSS provides children, the elderly and lower and middle-income Singaporeans …

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The road less travelled – an opposition member’s insights

By E Lee To all political pundits, I’m offering you a brief inside peek of what it takes to be in an alternative political party. Before you misread this as a sore loser article trying to gain sympathy, I just want to say, you won’t know it until you’re in it six feet deep. Neither are these views unique to …

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