Daily Archives: 2015-09-16

WP candidates elected as NCMPs

All opposition parliamentarians in the new Parliament will be Workers’ Party members. The Election Department (ELD) says Ms Lee Li Lian, Mr Dennis Tan Lip Fong and Mr Leon Perera from the Workers’ Party (WP) have been elected Non-constituency Members of Parliament (NCMP). According to Singapore’s laws, the number of NCMPs is nine less the number of opposition Members of Parliament …

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Were voters misled by fears of a new government?

By Ghui While surprise is not the adjective I would use, I am certainly disappointed with the recent election results. At the end of the day, I firmly believe that democracy empowers people; and despite its pitfalls, it is still the best system the world has to ensure that power is not abused by those who wield it. I respect …

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