Daily Archives: 2015-09-15

Will the PAP post-GE2015 be more ready to engage?

By Howard Lee Now that the People’s Action Party has achieved its “landslide” victory at the 2015 general elections, we can see that it is losing no time in consolidating its support to garner support for the coming government. And it is not just for the next five years or so, but with a clear intention to project its power …

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Letter to TOC: How to win votes – lessons from post-war UK

Letter to The Online Citizen: I refer to the 69.9 per cent landslide victory that the People’s Action Party (PAP) achieved in the recent elections. To me there is probably only one explanation why the PAP won by such a landslide – the people in Singapore are not politically mature, compared to their counterparts in countries like Britain. I would …

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For the love of Singapore, the fight must go on

“I’m not a brave person, I just love Singapore and Singaporeans.” – Chiam See Tong As I reflected on the events that unfolded over the past couple of days, I began to better understand Mr Chiam’s motivations. More often than not, many opposition politicians come across as being too angry and feisty. It is almost as though they are fueled by …

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