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#GE2015 as it happened on Twitter

Twitter lit up with #GE2015 talk in recent weeks, logging 360,000 election-related tweets from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally speech in August to the weekend following Polling Day. Chatter reached a peak of 320 tweets per minute in the early hours of Saturday 12 September as Singaporeans discussed the sample counts that were released to the public …

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An emotional vote

By Jackson Tan As a voter, the ability to cast my vote to determine the future of my country is a great responsibility not just for me but also for Singaporeans in general. Therefore, the choice to vote must be comprehensive, ie considers both municipal and national factors. In GE2011, Aljunied voters made history by being the 1st GRC to …

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Why GE2015 will go down in history as the biggest fluke election ever

By Jean Yap (not her real name) This is an essay concerning swing voters, pluralistic ignorance, and opposition unity Firstly, I would like to begin by stating my opinion that designating 11 September as polling day is inauspicious. It is also insensitive for obvious reasons. Sometimes I wonder what is going through the head of the current administration. The opposition was …

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How PAP did not have the people’s mandate despite landslide victory

By Savvy Artist People talk about a “swing” towards PAP in the GE 2015 votes compared to the last election in 2011. Many Singaporeans are disappointed because the outcome seems to contradict the evidence on the ground. The turnouts for opposition rallies, especially those of the WP, were much bigger than the last election. Social media also reflected the sentiments …

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How did an expected watershed election turn into an unexpected landslide victory?

By Cassandra Chia Lying on my sofa watching Channel 5, I could hear the commentators sharing their views on the possible voting trends, and opposition parties responding to media queries on their thoughts of the sample voting results. One candidate likened our governing system to that of North Korea and China, and “suan” Singaporeans that we should not “complain” since …

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