Daily Archives: 2015-09-13

Two days after: A reflection

By Farah Bagharib-Kaltz For most of the 2000s, I worked in the Chinatown area. Every morning, I would brisk-walk down Temple Street, take the perpendicular cross to Smith Street and stroll through the silence of the early morning. It couldn’t have been later than eight that morning along Smith Street. From a distance, I recognised his gait long before I saw …

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Post-election catharsis – Humbled & Thankful

By Serena Wong A mix of disillusionment and disappointment kept me up in the night after the announcement of the election results in Singapore. My disappointment could be pinned down to me being just a sucker for the underdogs, specifically the voiceless poor in Singapore, as I felt that it was another kick in the belly for them and those …

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Australia has shown me possibilities

Thank you to Australia for showing me kindness and compassion. More significantly, thank you for showing me possibilities. Possibilities of moving towards a compassionate society that were rejected by Singaporeans without a chance for a proper debate in parliament. Thank you to the people I meet everyday when I go grocery shopping who smile and chat with me. I am …

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Ask not why you don’t see the opposition between GEs

By Teo Soh Lung I was surprised to read critical comments in one facebook that the opposition has not been seen in his constituency since the last general election in 2011. The commentator ended that for this reason, he will not vote for the opposition. I had thought that this criticism is no longer sustainable today since there are facebooks, …

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Don’t give up on Singapore

By Masked Crusader Like many Singaporeans, I was shell shocked today, the day after what was supposed to be a historic General Election. Incredulously, seventy percent of Singaporeans had voted for the People’s Action Party, which won 83 of 89 seats in Parliament as it did in 2011 in a watershed election. It is not an understatement to say everyone …

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