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GE2015 results – reviewing our democracy in the carrot-and-stick vote

By Howard Lee It would take a very hard heart not to admit that the results of GE2015 point to something that is very different in Singapore. The real question is, what specifically? This question should keep Singaporeans up for many more nights, even years, to come. Personally, nothing disappointed me more than the results for Lina Chiam in Potong …

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Shame on You

By Gangasudhan The results of GE2015 have cowed the opposition and more than a quarter of the nation into silence. In one of the strongest mandates ever given to the PAP to rule Singapore, the popular vote from the 2.4 million voters has been a strong 70% popularity rating to continue on the path that it is on. But while …

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Minimum Wage and Our Values

By Masked Crusader In denouncing the opposition parties as populist for espousing a pro minimum wage position, Grace Fu, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, is quoted as saying. “Our policies work. They may not be the most popular, but they are the best policies for us. They’re built on core values like meritocracy, multiracialism, self-reliance and honesty that have …

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The failure of the opposition is its high possibility of success

What happened to the anticipated win by the opposition of a few Single Member Constituencies and Group Representation Constituencies? Opposition parties instead saw their share of the vote plummet in GE2015 by as much as 16 plus percent from GE2011. Some say that the government‘s tweaking of immigration policies along with the introduction of welfare schemes such as the Pioneer Generation …

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