Sim Ann

Sim Ann takes personal swipes at Chee Soon Juan

Sim Ann
Sim Ann

The People’s Action Party (PAP) candidate for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC, Sim Ann, has made what the Straits Times described as a speech “dripping with sarcasm” against her opponent in the election contest, Dr Chee Soon Juan.

In a speech at a rally on Monday, Ms Sim Ann said, “The impression that this Dr Chee gives me is that they are very good at “chu pattern” [putting up a pretence or tricks].”

“I feel that in the whole of Singapore, if Dr Chee claims to be second-best in “chu pattern”, no one would dare claim to be number one,” she said.

But what was she referring to when she said Dr Chee “chu pattern”?

“Wah, I am also blur,” she said. “But in this confusion, I can discern one or two of these moves. Let me relate them to you, ok?”

“Our Chee Soon Juan likes to set rules for other people. The rules that he sets to him are ok. But the rules that others set, he doesn’t care. What sort of rules? There is one set of rules which he sets which is very important – past events can be reminisced, but he doesn’t allow people to reminisce about his past. Other people’s past can be recalled, while his past cannot be recalled. Because if you bring up his past, even though it is something everybody knows, he would say that you are using it to attack his character, and you cannot attack character.

“So this is Dr Chee’s rule – his past cannot be reminisced.”

This was the rest of what she said:

“The second pattern is: you don’t say him, he will scold himself first, then he will say you are scolding him.

“For example, Chee Soon Juan feels that I and Minister Wong (Lawrence) should not bring up his past, this is his rule which we understand, he already said. And he added another thing – that if they, and I think he meant the PAP, cannot convince you, they will say ‘Chee Soon Juan is a liar, a gangster, a psychopath, they will say Chee Soon Juan is a cheat, a gangster, a psychopath.

“I felt very puzzled upon hearing this because I wanted to say, ‘Dr Chee, I didn’t say you are a liar, and I didn’t say you are a gangster, and I didn’t say you are a psychopath. So, please do not scold yourself first and then say other people are scolding you.”

Perhaps Sim Ann, who held the the post of Minister of State for Education and Communications and Information before the dissolution of Parliament, may not have been aware of what her party colleagues, including the late Lee Kuan Yew, had thrown or labelled Dr Chee with these various epithets which she mentioned.

Ms Sim Ann is part of the PAP team contesting the Holland-Bukit Timah GRC along with her colleagues Vivian Balakrishnan, Christopher de Souza, and Liang Eng Hwa.

Mr Liang today explained his position on minimum wage for foreign workers after he was criticised for using the plight of these lowly-skilled workers to justify his objection to the minimum wage suggestion by opposition parties.

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PAP candidates for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC
PAP candidates for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC

In the last election in 2011, her team was also criticised for making personal attacks on Dr Vincent Wijeysingha, who was also a candidate for the SDP in the GRC contest.

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Watch the video of Sim Ann’s speech slamming Dr Chee here :