Online political literacy tool Electionaire goes viral

An online political literacy tool that purports to tell users which of the 10 Singapore political parties they are most aligned with based on their responses to a survey, Electionaire, has gone viral, according to a press release by the team of five third-year Yale-NUS College students who created it.

Statistics for online political literacy tool Electionaire
Statistics for online political literacy tool Electionaire

Electionaire was accessed by more than 75,000 users and received at least 271,000 page views in the 30 hours after it was first shared publicly on Facebook on 4 Sep, in the middle of the campaign season for Singapore’s 2015 General Elections.

Users read a series of 15 statements about social, political, and economic issues before selecting how much they agree or disagree with each statement. Electionaire then compares the user’s responses to each party’s public statements or manifesto and provides a result (for example, you match with party A 60%, party B 71%, etc).

Online political literacy tool Electionaire

The average user spent 4.5 minutes on the website, which indicates that
many users taking the survey. As of 12.27am on 6 Sep, Electionaire had
been shared 2,172 times on Facebook, the press release stated.

At least 90.96% of its new users are from Singapore with the next highest
source of new users from the the United States (1.71%). Electionaire topped
the Singapore Reddit subfeed today (6 Sep) for more than six hours.

The team behind Electionaire said that it is not an election survey, an exit
poll or a means of gauging public support for political parties. It is a purely educational tool for users to find out how much they agree with each party’s stances on the relevant issues of this election and improve political literacy,
and not meant to promote any particular political party’s stance in any way.
The team said Electionaire was initiated independently, and it is not
supported, funded, affiliated or aligned with any political party.

To construct as objective a tool as possible, the team had examined each
party’s manifesto and public statements, as well as prominent party members’
statements, to gather information about the parties’ stances on those issues. Multiple volunteers from a diverse set of backgrounds and political leanings were asked to review the parties’ stances and match them to answers on the quiz.

Electionaire does not store any identifying information, such as IP addresses, and is fully anonymous. The source code for the result calculation mechanism is available on the Electionaire website


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