Have no fear. Your vote is secret – Maruah video

Some Singaporeans have never voted in their lives, like film and theatre director Glen Goei and actor and director Pam Oei, and will be doing so for the first time this GE2015. They and other familiar faces from Singapore’s theatre scene discuss the secrecy of the vote in a video by Singapore-based human rights non-governmental organisation Maruah.

Besides taking viewers through the voting process step-by-step, the video seeks to allay any worries people might have about the privacy and secrecy of their votes, so that they may vote freely and without fear.

Ngiam Shih Tung, a member of Maruah’s Election Watch, notes: “Ballot papers are serialised to prevent counterfeiting or ballot-stuffing,” adding, “Yes, some people may be uncomfortable with the serial numbers…”

“But the serial number on the ballot paper is to protect the integrity of the election process, and does not in any way undermine the secrecy of your vote,” explains director and Cultural Medallion recipient Alvin Tan.

Former Law Society president and Maruah member Peter Low further notes that every single person involved in the voting process, including candidates and counting agents present during the vote counting, is bound by an oath of secrecy.

The video also details how the ballot papers are subsequently kept in a vault in the Supreme Court for six months, and can only be retrieved by court order if there is suspicion of fraud, which has never happened in Singapore. After six months, the ballot papers are removed from the vault and burned in the presence of witnesses and media representatives.

Watch the video here

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