5th PAP candidate spotted at getai, police need to explain inaction


Yet another People’s Action Party (PAP) candidate has been spotted and photographed attending a getai, the nightly entertainment event during the Chinese Seventh Month Festival.

A photo purportedly of PAP candidate for Ang Mo Kio GRC, Ang Hin Kee, has been posted online, apparently speaking at a getai over the weekend.


Mr Ang is part of the PAP team which is led by Lee Hsien Loong, the secretary general of the party.

He is the fourth PAP candidate to be photographed at various getais over the last few days.

Previously, the PAP candidate for Nee Soon East GRC, Lee Bee Wah, was seen on stage at a getai in Yishun. Members of the public also told The Online Citizen that the emcee had urged the audience to vote for her as well, and that Ms Lee went round shaking hands with the attendees.

Ms Lee was dressed in white, which is the colour of the PAP uniform.

Lee Bee Wah on stage
Lee Bee Wah on stage

A day later, three other PAP candidates were spotted at another getai. They were Teo Ser Luck, Gan Thiam Poh and new face Sun Xueling.

PAP candidates making their rounds at getai
PAP candidates making their rounds at getai

In August the police issued an advisory to organisers of getais and the political parties to keep getai and election activities separate.

The police also said:

“Festival event organisers should ensure that no speeches intended to canvass support for election candidates and/or political parties are delivered (at) Seventh Month Festival events.”

While the candidates could claim that they were not there to canvass for votes, and that they were not in the party’s uniform (except perhaps for Ms Lee), or that they did not wear any party badge or representation, the point is perhaps not this, but the spirit behind the prohibitions – which is to keep politics and entertainment separate during election period, and perhaps to also keep religion and politics separate during elections.

Yet, here are several PAP candidates – one of whom is a minister of state (Teo) – apparently and blatantly flouting the rules or police warning, and seeming to be getting away with it.

Despite the news being reported online, the police seem oblivious to the incidents and have neither issued any statements to clarify if such actions by the candidates are against the rules, nor taken any action against the candidates or their party.

What then are the rules for when PAP candidates can so blatantly ignore the Police’s warning or advisory?

Are they above the law?

TOC has written in to the police to notify them of a possible breach of the law and we are currently awaiting their response.

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