“With you, for you, for Singapore”: PAP launches manifesto

The People's Action Party (PAP) launched its manifesto this morning, accompanied by the slogan "With you, For You, For Singapore".

"All these years we have been here, with you, for you, and for Singapore," PAP leader Lee Hsien Loong told about 1,000 assembled party members. "Now, we are at a turning point. The pioneer generation is fading away - Mr Lee Kuan Yew himself passed away this year," he said, but Singapore still needs outstanding leaders to keep it special."

He went on to warn about the dangers of giving the opposition too much power: "If you vote for the opposition and they win many constituencies to form the Government, then Singapore is sunk."

Lee said that he had decided to call an election in the SG50 year as Singapore had reached a turning point in its history. He also said that one could describe Singapore's development and that of the PAP as "inexplicably linked".

Charles Chong had earlier told the audience that the PAP would fight to regain the seats it had lost to the opposition.

"In this election, besides keeping seats we have, we also want to eat orh luak and orh neng in Aljunied, Hougang and Punggol East, and they will taste even better if the PAP is voted in," he said.

The PAP manifesto outlines the vision that the party has for Singapore:

- We will enable every Singaporean to realise their full potential, regardless of the starting point
- We will ensure a bright future for Singaporeans. We will invest in every Singaporean to help them get good jobs, upgrade themselves and achieve their best in life
- No one will be left behind. Social safety nets will protect those without means of help or support. We will support and care for the less fortunate, disadvantaged and vulnerable
- We will build affordable, quality public housing with green spaces and good amenities for all - We will encourage and support strong families
- Every Singaporean can have peace of mind that should they or their loved ones fall ill, they can receive affordable, high quality healthcare
- We will progressively solve current transport issues and make our land transport system one of the most modern, efficient and green in the world. Travel will be more comfortable, convenient and easier
- We will keep Singapore safe and secure
- We will overcome challenges, turn vulnerabilities into strengths and continue to be a shining red dot
- We are not done building Singapore. The Singapore of Tomorrow will be a nation of opportunities, a jewel among global cities and above all, a City of Hope, Heart and Home for all citizens.

This entry was posted in Current Affairs, Politics.
This entry was posted in Current Affairs, Politics.