Newbie guide to General Election in 60 seconds

Writ of Election has been issued by the president of Singapore on Tuesday with Nomination Day being set on 1st September and Polling Day being on 11th September.

But what do you actually know about the General Election, given that it is held only every 5 years?

The above video created by "Next Singapore Story", explains how the timeline and procedure of the elections, including the Writ of elections, nomination day and polling day. It's an educational video meant to raise political awareness and literacy.

For many, politics is too long (TL) and most people don't read(;DR) and therefore, we present this video in a concise and lighthearted manner to inform as many people as possible.

The creators of the video say, "We are neither from PAP nor Opposition. We are not endorsed by the Elections Department or the Singapore Government. We just want people to be more politically aware." "Help us spread the word so that we can move towards a more informed citizenry together."

Next Singapore Story is a project started by Mr Mike Ang. the aim of the project is to empower the Youth to Stand up, Speak Up and Share their love for the country. Read more at their website: http://nextSingaporeStory.sg