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Semoga Bahagia: A Singapore of the future

There are some local theatre companies that most of us have heard of by now: W!LD RICE, the Singapore Repertory Theatre, Pangdemonium, among others. But behind each major, established company are smaller groups and productions, doing what playwright Stella Kon refers to as “small theatre”. While lacking the budget and finesse of the larger, more commercial companies, small theatre is …

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PAP walkabout, a reason for parking at authorised vehicle only space?

On Saturday afternoon, Member of Parliament0 for Bishan Toa-Payoh, and former Minister for Home Affairs, Mr Wong Kan Seng spotted parking his car at area reserved for authorised vehicles only. A reader sent in this series of photos to The Online Citizen (TOC). He expressed his disbelief on how someone could just simply park his car in a space designated …

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SDP sends letter to Election Department to seek clarification on election protocol

Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) sends a letter to Singapore’s Election Department for clarification on the election protocols. Below is SDP’s letter in full. Dear Sir, I’m writing to your good office to clarify Election Protocols with regard to the movement of Polling Agents, Counting Agents and Candidates within the Polling and Counting Centres. We are seeking clear, concise and written …

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Why the very “hot-blooded” fight for MacPherson SMC?

By Cassandra Chia The recent news of National Solidarity Party’s (NSP) secretary general Hazel Poa resignation, together with her downcast facial expression, came to my sight as I flipped through my newspapers. It was a smart move by the mainstream media to use the situation to the People’s Action Party’s advantage. Moving the focus past that, I was more curious …

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GE issues – By our laws, are we a more compassionate and safer society?

By Ghui Many had heralded GE2011 as the dawn of a new age for Singapore politics. The PAP was given a wake-up call and the opposition parties were given a boost. Voters became more engaged and post GE2011, more young people have become involved in politics. Fast forward to GE2015, and the evolving political landscape also came with a greater …

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