Daily Archives: 2015-08-16

Not necessary to send PM or DPM to contest Aljunied: Goh Chok Tong

During an impromptu press conference in Aljunied on Sunday morning, Emeritus Senior Minister said it was “not necessary” to send the prime minister or deputy prime minister to contest in Aljunied GRC against the Workers’ Party team. Mr Goh, a former prime minister himself, was reacting to news that the Workers’ Party (WP) has decided that all its members of …

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Sunday with WP in Nee Soon – things we observed

  By Vidhya Nair It was a usual Sunday morning, but this time I was spending it in Nee Soon.  A place I had seen evolve over the decades from the stories my dad used to tell when he grew up here and when I was growing up,  as the flats increased and the amenities mushroomed. I made my way …

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We should all just have taken Sylvia Lim’s Instagram advice

An Instagram photo of Sylvia Lim eating orh luak was all it took to spark speculation that she would be leaving the Aljunied GRC team to contest in Fengshan SMC. But all that came to naught today when the Workers’ Party confirmed that the Aljunied team would remain intact, while both Png Eng Huat and Lee Lilian will continue to stand …

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WP will release updated audited AHPETC report soon: Hougang MP

On Sunday, Hougang MP, Png Eng Huat, said the Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council (AHPETC) will release its updated audited town council financial report soon – and said that all discussions about this would be more meaningful once the report has been released. He said all town councils have until 31 August to submit their accounts to the government, and that …

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Opposition supporters as patriotic as PAP supporters: Sylvia Lim

When it was reported that the Workers’ Party’s Members of Parliament will not be attending this year’s Prime Minister’s National Day Rally speech, some accused the WP of slighting the Government. This was even though the WP had explained that the reason for this was because the rally, which will take place on 23 August, clashes with a grassroots SG50 …

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Low questions PAP’s “standard of politics”, S’poreans should decide

At a walkabout on Sunday morning in Nee Soon GRC, the Workers’ Party secretary general, Low Thia Khiang, took a swipe at the deputy prime minister’s remarks about Mr Low shedding “crocodile tears” over the resignation of Transport Minister, Lui Tuck Yew. First Mr Low reiterated his views, which he had expressed when Mr Lui announced his stepping down from …

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