Clash with grassroots event causes Worker’s Party to miss National Day Rally

Members of Parliament (MPs) from Workers’ Party will not be attending the National Day Rally due to a clash in schedule with a grassroots event they have been planning since last year.

This is said to be the first time that there will be no WP representatives attending the yearly event since the General Election in 2011.

It is noted by the WP spokesperson that invitations for the rally are sent to the individual MPs, not to the party, and said that the MPs “have informed the organising committee accordingly”.

The spokes person added that the date of the WP’s grassroots event was decided in December. As for the National Day Rally, the date is confirmed closer to the Rally. However, it is usually delivered two Sundays after National Day on 9 August.

This year, the rally would be held at ITE Headquarters & College Central on 23 August, 6.45pm.

Mr Yee Jenn Jong said to the media, “I think I need to commit my time to the residents who have supported us,”, nevertheless, he said he intends to catch up on the Rally speech after that.

Adapted from news source