A Singaporean’s heartfelt message on the impending election

A Singaporean’s heartfelt message on the impending election

By Snow Flake

I am a Singaporean male who has served my national service. I have lived most of my life in the various heartlands across Singapore, having moved quite a few times. I have also been around the world and so I know that I’m not a frog in a well.

When I was growing up, I admired the People’s Action Party (PAP) government. At that time, Singapore was way ahead of many other countries. We had our leader Lee Kuan Yew to thank for his visionary leadership.

I think that things started going south when Mr Lee Hsien Loong took over. In my personal opinion, he tried to be different and special, but he was just a chip off the old block. He was neither here nor there. To be a successful leader, one must have strong beliefs in what is the right direction and lead everyone towards a common goal. I feel that Mr Lee Hsien Loong is the leader who undid all the good done before he assumed office.

As a Singaporean, my requests are pretty simple. All I want is a proper, functioning, affordable and quick public transportation system. I don’t want unpredictable trains that can break down at any time. I don’t want one day of free travel and one year of fare hikes thereafter. I don’t want a government that gives me an egg and takes back a chicken.

I am sick and tired of living in a country overcrowded with foreigners. You can tell me that foreigners are needed to build infrastructure and to do jobs that Singaporeans don’t want to do. But I think that there is a real oversupply of foreigners and that the government has missed the whole point. Singapore is for Singaporeans, and that’s something our ex-president Mr Ong Teng Cheong knew very well.

The way I see it, this is not just a watershed election. This is a tsunami election. It’s time for the waters to come and wash away all the vermin and all the mistakes and sins that they have committed. For me, even if a fresh university graduate contests for the election, I would vote for the graduate over any of the PAP candidates. Because I know that the young graduate has open ears and a teachable heart. Rather than thinking that he or she knows it all and can make decisions on behalf of other people without even making an effort to consult them first.

Think about the problems facing our country today. Young Singaporeans finding it hard to make Singapore their home due to the high cost of living. Unreliable public transport. High COE prices. University places being given to foreigners, resulting in Singaporeans having to study overseas or in expensive private schools.

I say that if Singaporeans continue to tolerate all of this injustice, then they must be extremely daft. They are like frogs in a pot of water that is slowly heating up. Slowly but surely, the water is getting hotter but they do not realise it. They continue to tolerate it until it’s too late. Now is the chance to jump out of the pot of water, so to speak. But not to flee the country, but to jump out of PAP’S cauldron of pepper, spices and everything lies.

I could go on and on about the PAP. But there’s no point in me doing that. I leave you to form your conclusions. Do you think that it’s right for a party to twist and turn it’s words? To sweet talk you when it comes to elections and pull out the cane to tekan you after it gets what it wants? Do you think it’s right for a party to behave in such a bipolar manner, wrecking the good spirits and national pride that was built up over many years? Is it right for them to put themselves first and foremost, and making themselves the centre of everything? They are behaving like the Chinese imperialists who think that they are the son of heaven and that everything revolves around them.

This coming election, I implore all of your Singaporeans to search deep within your heart and your conscience. Is this the kind of people we want to rule over us and making decisions on our behalf? Do you feel safe letting your children’s future be jeopardised by people motivated by greed and selfish ambition?

Vote wisely.

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