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Sexist smear on opposition member by PAP supporters’ Facebook page

In yet another instance of despicable behaviour, a People’s Action Party (PAP) supporters’ Facebook page has launched a personal attack against an opposition member, who is potentially a candidate for her party.

In what some have criticised as an utterly sexist posting, the pro-PAP Facebook page published a photo of 26-year old Ms Kevryn Lim, a member of the National Solidarity Party (NSP) and who is expected to contest in the upcoming general elections.

The published photo on the pro-PAP page included the caption:

“#GuessWho standing by the road side?”

Post on PAP supporters' page
Post on PAP supporters’ page

The post immediately drew criticisms from the public who questioned the intention behind the post.

“I’m calling this post out as disgraceful,” said one commenter. “Take issue with what she says and what she wants to put forth politically.”

“This is a low blow.”

Another commenter who had seen the posting, Ben Matchap, said that the post was “implying that she is a sex worker.”

But when confronted by criticisms, Matchap said the pro-PAP page tried “to deny their claim by saying it was never explicitly stated.”

“Isn’t it disgusting that in 2015 a female politician in Singapore cannot run without getting sexism thrown at her face?” he added. “They have to discuss what she is wearing instead of focusing on the policies that she wants to implement. Her dress isn’t remotely revealing or immodest.”

This is not the first time that the pro-PAP page, whose postings are sometimes shared by PAP MPS and ministers, has resorted to such postings.

More recently, it helped to propagate a post of lies by an imposter of a Faebook account who had claimed that opposition members had behaved badly while on walkabouts, while PAP members acted gentlemanly at the same walkabout venue.

See here: “Fake facebook account slanders opposition parties and praised PAP

Last year, it also tried to shame an elderly lady who had asked at a public forum held by an MP, for her CPF savings to be returned to her.

The PAP supporters’ page ridiculed her request and revealed her address online.

Read it here: “Where Ms Yap lives – a breach of privacy?“.

Jason Chua
Jason Chua

Also recently, it was involved in a case of cyber-bullying in February when a young man was ruthlessly attacked on its Facebook page after making a comment on it.

The pro-PAP page, which regularly tags PAP MPs and ministers in its posts, is run by one Jason Chua, 45, who is described as a “former software engineer” by news reports in 2011.

He had said that the purpose of the page was “to re-present the misrepresentation of information in the real light with facts.”

He also claimed to not have any party affiliation.

“I’m not a PAP or Young PAP man,” he said.

Describing himself as a “moderate” to the Straits Times back in 2011, he said, “My main aim is to play a part in helping the government explain and reason, ahead of the 2016 General Election.”

He added, “It’s for the country. This is national service. We hope other moderates step forward.”

Ironically, Mr Tan’s antics have now raised questions about the honesty and sincerity of his claims – that his aim is to “[help the] government explain and reason, ahead of the 2016 General Election.”

Dr Ng, "No negative campaigning"
Dr Ng, “No negative campaigning”

Just last week, the PAP’s Organising Secretary, Ng Eng Hen, called for gentlemanly election campaigning from his party members.

He said he “wanted a better type of politics that can help ensure Singapore gets the best type of governance and that residents’ needs are taken care of.”

“I personally will tell my new candidates, no negative campaigning,” Dr Ng said. “That doesn’t mean you don’t point out the faults of others, but do it in a way that’s justified. Say why you don’t think their policy is better, say why that they won’t serve the needs of the residents, but let’s have less of that personal attacks. Let’s not stoop to that level.”