WP reaches out to fellow opposition parties to avoid 3-cornered battles

WP reaches out to fellow opposition parties to avoid 3-cornered battles

Photo: Workers' Party Facebook
Photo: Workers’ Party Facebook

By Lin Lijuan

Once friends on the same side, now competitors on different sides. Will the twain ever meet?

For the Worker’s Party (WP), this is a question they will attempt to answer during a meet-up with Mr Seow Khee Leng, a former party member who has indicated his interest to represent the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in the Fengshan SMC for the upcoming general election.

Mr Seow is a personal acquaintance of Ms Sylvia Lim and Mr Low Thia Khiang,  The chairman and the secretary general of the WP, respectively.

“Mr Seow was a former party member and candidate, and Mr Low and I know him personally,” said Ms Lim after a walkabout at East Coast GRC on 2 August.

“We intend to meet him individually to try to resolve the issue of Fengshan.”Fengshan SMC will not be the only constituency that will see more than one opposition party contesting.  On 3 August, the party will be attending an opposition party meeting to avoid a three cornered fight for Macpherson SMC and Marine Parade GRC. The National Solidarity Party has previously indicated its interest to contest in both constituencies, and opposition parties tend to avoid competing with each other in the same constituency as it is seen as favourable for the ruling party.

The WP declined to reveal its line-up of candidates, saying that it will be done in due course which is not likely to happen before the National Day holidays.

Residents yet to decide on their votes

Residents The Online Citizen (TOC) spoke to said that they have yet to decide on their votes, but considered a stable society and economic progress for the average citizen as factors.

Mr Caster, 52-years old, said that he will vote for the party which can ensure that there are adequate jobs for Singaporeans. He cited his friend’s inability to find a job in spite of exhausting all means as a deciding factor for his vote, but declined to elaborate more on the situation.

A resident who bought a copy of the party’s newsletter during the walkabout said that he has not decided on which party he will be voting for, but considered WP as a credible alternative to the ruling party based on the media reports of the party.

“I will vote for whoever can build a stable society,” said Mr Liew in Chinese.

The 54-year old also said that the recent debate and media reports about the issues concerning the Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council have not affected his perception of the WP as the investigations showed that there was no evidence of any criminal offence.

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