NSP: “EBRC again issued a disappointing report”

The National Solidarity Party (NSP) has strongly criticised the report released on Friday by the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee (EBRC), saying that it was “disappointing” and failed to explain crucial boundary changes.

“The absence of clear-cut and objective criteria for any change to electoral boundaries from one General Election (GE) to the next bodes ill for building trust between Singaporeans and the Government,” read a statement signed by the party’s Acting Secretary-General Hazel Poa.

The party expressed concern over a variety of factors, from the wide range between the lower (20,000) and upper (37,000) limits of electors per Member of Parliament (MP) that the committee used as a guide, as well as the ways the number of MPs, SMCs and size of GRCs were decided.

The party then directed two questions to the EBRC:

  1. Were the detailed voting results of the last GE (e.g. voting results by polling stations or polling precincts) made available to the EBRC or its supporting secretariat staff?
  2. Were the detailed voting results of the last GE used in any way in the EBRC’s deliberations on electoral boundaries?

“This year, Singapore celebrates 50 years of independence. We have matured as a democracy and higher standards of governance are now expected, with a population that wants to play a more participative role in deciding our future together,” said the statement.

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