ORBIS: Maintaining flawless skin in a gentle and effective manner

orbis clear series

Press release from ORBIS

ORBIS announces its revolutionary solution to menstrual acne – the renewed CLEAR series that not only prevents menstrual acne, but also enhances the skin’s protective functions during the female monthly cycle.

This new skincare line caters to female users who want a total skincare solution: getting rid of menstrual acne while maintaining beautiful skin condition, and those who have concerns over the use of harsh acne skincare products.

Honoured with the Best Basic Research Award at the 28th International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists, ORBIS’ new discovery identifies female hormones (Progesterone) as one of the factors that causes a decrease in skin resistance towards acne.

A world’s first, this breakthrough established that during the female monthly cycle, an increase in progesterone causes a decrease in “antimicrobial peptides” which eventually leads to acne breakouts. State-of-the-art and Clinically Proven Skincare Technology ORBIS’ renewed CLEAR skincare series come with Gromwell Root extract, a compound that enhances the skin’s own protective functions to defend against menstrual acne.

As ORBIS CLEAR does not use any harsh chemicals and, therefore, is gentle to the skin.

The use of herbal ingredients like Gromwell Root / Lithospermum Erythrorhizon extract (which promotes wound healing with its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects), actually multiplies the amount of antimicrobial peptides five times, making the solution highly effective in tackling menstrual acne.

In addition, when complemented with ORBIS’ signature OIL-FREE formulation, not only is the menstrual acne diminished, the overall skin also becomes firmer, smoother, more protected and moisturised with better clarity and texture – a foundation for beautiful skin.

Mr Takashi Yokoyama, ORBIS’ CEO & President of Asia Pacific Headquarters, says enthusiastically, “This is a truly exciting time for us as this is a solution based on world’s first discovery using Gromwell Root extract that not only addresses menstrual acne concerns effectively, but also improve the overall skin condition. Our long-term test results are very encouraging and we are confident most females will love these products”.

ORBIS originated from Japan and has steadily made its presence in the Asian region. Being a popular skincare brand in Japan, it hopes to continue its success in Singapore.

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