PA to offer 2,000 free courses till September

The People’s Association (PA) will be offering 2,000 selected free courses from now till end of September 2015 to all Singaporeans and PRs in celebration of SG50. The courses will be available at all Community Clubs (CCs) and Water-Venture (WV) Outlets.

Screengrab from PA's website
Screengrab from PA’s website

From loom band making, to Zumba and even dog-breeding, the 2,000 courses will have something for everyone. PA targets to reach 50,000 people through its courses. However, online registration will not be available for the courses and interested parties will have to sign up in person with their ICs at the respective CCs. As slots are given on a first-come-first-serve basis, interested parties are encouraged to call the CCs to check availability before making the trip down to the CCs.

In addition, PA will offer a free SG50 commemorative PAssion Card for non-members for every course sign up at the CCs and WV outlets from now till 30 September 2015. Furthermore, through the CC Management Committees, PA will provide 10% discount to all Servicemen and Servicewomen for the use of CC sport facilities and CC courses in the month of July 2015.

Offering these discounts and privileges, is our way of showing the community’s appreciation and support to Servicemen and Servicewomen for their contribution to the Nation.

Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Communications and Information, speaking at a PA Roadshow, said that

We hope to encourage more Singaporeans to lead a socially active lifestyle, and enable all to immerse in the celebratory mood of the nation’s 50th birthday

More details on the free courses can be found on the PA’s website and you can also download your e-copy of the free 2,000 courses catalogue, here.