Daily Archives: 2015-06-20

Housing Loans and CPF: Why you cannot retire at 60

By Paul Ho Central provident fund (CPF) was originally introduced in 1955 by the British Colonial authority to help workers save for their retirement. Over the years, CPF has developed many different uses. One of the main reasons these days for dipping into the CPF is to use their savings to buy an HDB flat or a private property. CPF …

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China’s festival of cruelty

“What I saw was a city in preparation for the annual massacre,” said Peter Li. He is an associate professor of East Asian politics at the University of Houston-Downtown and a China policy adviser with Humane Society International. “A slaughterhouse at the city’s Dong Kou market had just received a new supply of dogs shipped from Sichuan. The unloaded dogs …

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AG’s definition of “sub judice” called into question

Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam has questioned what he described as the Attorney General’s (AG) “peculiar definition of sub judice” involving a letter to a judge. He was referring to the AG’s reaction to the letter by the lawyer for 16-year old blogger, Amos Yee. Singapore’s current AG is VK Rajah, a former Court of Appeal justice. Mr Alfred Dodwell, who is …

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