Foreign dentists working illegally in Little India?

On Sunday (14 Jun), TRE reported that 4 foreign-graduate dentists on conditional registration in Singapore are doing dental work in Little India without any apparent supervision (‘Foreign-graduate dentists working illegally in SG?‘).

The 4 dentists are practising at a dental clinic at Kerbau Road called Little India Dentist (

According to its website, Little India Dentist had a team of 4 dentists

TRE did a screen capture of their webpage before publishing the article on Sunday (14 Jun), showing the 4 foreign-graduate dentists listed on their website:


Here’s another screen capture of their home page showing the link to their dentist information page. This was also captured on Sunday:


Searching through the records of Singapore Dental Council, the 4 foreign-graduate dentists are found to have only “Conditional Registration” status. That is to say, none of the dentists in Little India Dentist has full registration.

TRE also found that, except for Dr Nivedita Seerpi, none of the other 3 has registered their “Place of Practice” as Little India Dentist. The 3 have instead registered their place of practice elsewhere:

Under section 14A(4) of the Dental Registration Act, dentists under “conditional registration” need to be supervised by a “fully registered Division I dentist” working in the same practice for a specified period (at least 2 years). The supervisor must submit a supervisory report on the dentist to the Council every 6 months.

Also, the supervisor must:

  • be a fully registered Division I dentist and
  • have at least 5 years’ post-BDS experience and
  • work in the same clinic premises as his/her supervisee.

Since the website does not show any fully registered Division I dentists working at Little India Dentist, it is therefore assumed that the clinic does not have any fully registered Division I dentists to supervise the 4 conditionally registered dentists.

Today (16 Jun), TRE has discovered that Little India Dentist has quietly taken down the “Our Team” webpage with dentist information. The “Our Team” link has also been quietly removed from their home page:


Clicking on now shows a 404 error – “The webpage cannot be found”.

Why did the clinic suddenly remove their dentist information page after TRE published its article on Sunday (14 Jun)?

This article was first published on TR Emeritus: “Little India Dentist quietly removes dentist info page“.

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