Daily Archives: 2015-06-13

PM Lee’s leave in the midst of SEA Games raises questions

By Ariffin Sha Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has been granted leave from 13 – 21 June. It is routine for MPs, Ministers and even the Prime Minister to take leave from work but this one has raised some questions. These questions circled around three areas – the strange selection of acting PM, the timing of the leave and the …

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Getting at Sylvia, desperately

In yet another diatribe against the opposition Workers’ Party (WP) Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council (AHPETC), a Government minister has repeated its accusations against the latter. In a letter to the Straits Times Forum page on Saturday, 13 June, Mr Lawrence Wong, who signed off his letter in his capacity as the Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and the Second …

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A child’s best interest, says who?

By Vincent Law From a social work practitioner’s perspective, in the child’s best interests, Amos Yee is just another at-risk youth being put through due process of the law. It would have been an ordinary day in the life for anyone working with such youths. No fuss really. Unfortunately, the mainstream media decided to pounce on a thin, frail 17-year-old youth, hounding him and …

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CAN: Excessive to send Amos to a Reformative Training Centre

By Community Action Network We note with alarm, a letter from Amos Yee’s lawyer stating that his client was recently placed on suicide watch while in remand. According to the letter, Amos was strapped down for one-and-a-half days, and kept in a room along with two other persons of unsound mind. He was also denied access to toilet facilities and …

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Lee Wen to receive “goodwill payment” over round ping-pong table

SportSingapore (SportSG) will make a “goodwill payment” to prominent local artist and Cultural Medallion recipient Lee Wen, after a 300˚ ping-pong table placed at the SEA Games Carnival was criticised for its similarity to the artist’s installation piece Ping-Pong Go Round. SportSG – a statutory board under the Ministry of Community, Culture and Youth – and its vendor, Unusual Productions, …

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Another group of new homeowners complain about defects in flats

“Each generation of BTO flats improves on the previous generation,” Khaw Boon Wan, Minister of National Development (MND) said in May. That would be little comfort to an increasing number of new flat owners, including residents of Centrale 8, a DBSS development in Tampines. In the latest incident of defects in flats, at least 30 residents there are complaining of …

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