Post by the child's mother

Man makes lewd and obscene post about 4-year old girl

Post by the child's mother
Post by the child’s mother

A person by the name of “Darren Chin” has sent a rather disturbing and obscene post about a little 4-year old girl to the girl’s mother, leading to the mother of the child taking to social media to highlight his disgusting post.

The mother of the girl, posting on her Facebook page on Wednesday night, showed a screenshot of a private message sent to her by “Darren Chin” which made lewd and obscene references to her daughter.

“I received a pm frm this darren chin who then blocked me,” the mother said. “Msging me a picture of my daughter which he took frm the sch page with that msg. How sickening can someone be. Its a very heartbreaking thing to have received this kinda shit frm a stranger.”

Chin's offensive post
Chin’s offensive post

She said she had been informed by her daughter’s teacher that “Darren Chin” had also posted the same comment about her daughter on the school’s page.

However, when he was found out, the mother said he deleted his post and unliked the page.

“Pls share this to create awareness,” she said. “Don’t want others to fall deep in this pedophilia.”

“U have no idea how much i teared when reading the msg frm him,” the mother said, in response to those who have showed concern for her daughter on her Facebook page. “The words. Directing to my 4 yr old daughter…. i hope he gets it sooner or later. How far can one sick bastard run. Insyaallah….allah will help. Thanks sis.”

She said she has made a police report about the incidents and that the police are looking into the matter.

If you have any information on who “Darren Chin” is, you can pass the information to the police.