“Terrible” and “beautiful” – reactions to new N’Day song

The new National Day song to mark Singapore’s 50th anniversary as an independent nation has been released.

The song, titled, “Our Singapore”, is written and performed by Dick Lee, one of Singapore’s most recognisable faces in the industry. The accompanying music video is directed by another of Singapore’s more famous sons, filmmaker Eric Khoo.

The song, however, has drawn mixed reactions from members of the public, since it was unveiled on 7 May.

“Sorry but it seems kind of “not there” to be the SG50 theme song..feels weird and whole song don’t seem to flow smoothly,” Roy Phang said in a comment on a news’ site Facebook page.

“Not nice, sounds more like a tribute song,” posted Jasmine Koh. “Cannot feel the joy in it.”

Even former Nominated Member of Parliament, Calvin Cheng, panned the song.

He posted on the Straits Times’ Facebook page: “Terrible song. Cheesy lyrics. Forgettable melody.”

Others felt differently, however.

“Its a good song,” one poster said on the NDPeeps Youtube channel. “Started off in B&W, but ended with colors. an apt description of where we will be heading.”

An online poll by the Straits Times has seen a almost even split of opinion among those polled:


Here are the lyrics to the song:



Music and lyrics by Dick Lee

Verse 1:

It isn’t easy building something out of nothing

Especially when the road ahead’s a rocky one

But if we gather all our courage and conviction

And hold our dream up high

The challenge will be won


So now we look around us and we see

A nation built with love by you and me

A land to treasure right down to the core

Our home, our heart, our Singapore




Our home, our heart, our Singapore

Verse 2:

Through many years gone by, we’ve moved ahead together

We’ve built a brave new world where we could shine and grow

And now we only have to look towards tomorrow

To carry on the dream as far as it will go


And amazing as it seems

It all started with a dream

And our dreaming isn’t done

‘Cause the best is yet to come