Daily Archives: 2015-05-17

The Amos chaos and free speech in Singapore

By Aneirin Flynn Free speech and the austerity of censorship in Singapore have long hovered amidst headlines and public discussion, but to defend Amos Yee as crusader of free speech against the assertive control of the media is a woeful mistake. The young blogger has blown the lid off the tightly fastened case of censorship in Singapore – which may prove …

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HOME: Turning boats away is inhumane

By Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME) Singapore should demonstrate leadership to the humanitarian crisis that is happening with the Rohingyas, who have been victims of systemic persecution, discrimination and rampant abuse. We also urge the Myanmar government to stop persecuting them to prevent the mass exodus of asylum seekers. Even though Singapore did not ratify the 1951 Convention on the …

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