We need change and we need it now!

By Snow Flake

I am someone who has been in Singapore most of my life. I have seen how the political climate has changed, and looking at the way things are, I can say that there is very little for us as Singaporeans to look forward to.

In future, we Singaporeans will simply be working for the rich foreigners, and there’s very little that we as individuals can do about it.

There is a fundamental problem with our country’s political system that needs to be changed. And at the end of the day, words are just words. Nothing will change if this message is not read and if no actions are taken.

As the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The shut down of The Real Singapore, the prosecution of Amos Yee.

These are simply signs that the political machinery of the People’s Action Party (PAP) is not slowing down. They are big bullies, and they have no apologies about their actions in the past. Things they have done wrong before, they call it a necessary evil.Things that they have mishandled, such as Temasek Holdings making millions in losses, they call it inevitable.

As a Singaporean, I feel sad to be part of this country. I feel that our parents have failed to nip this problem in the bud earlier, so we are faced with this problem as children of Singapore today.

Today, I call on you to do something with your vote. Make your vote count. Yes, the opposition parties may not have their act altogether. However, as the workers party rightly pointed out, sometimes the driver needs a co-driver. However, in this case, the co-driver is not being given enough influence, as they do not have enough seats in parliament.

Sometimes, it is important to look beyond the surface. When you dig deeper, you will find that there are many flaws behind the PAP’s policies. Many of the problems that the youth of Singapore are facing today are caused by the PAP’s policies. For many years, the way that they have done things is very high handed, not caring what people on the ground think or feel. They think they know best, but the reality is that they do things which are most beneficial to themselves.

At the end of the day, there is no point in the entire country prospering on paper, while in reality the real born and bred Singaporeans who have served national service or contributed to the development of Singapore are left behind. The number of foreigners who are being let into the country is staggering. These foreigners are taking away our jobs, and they have very little respect for Singaporeans. They view as their right to be here, reaping the benefits that our forefathers have sowed with their blood, sweat and tears.

The situation will never be favourable to us as Singaporeans until we vote to make a change. Don’t expect the leopard to change its spots. It may sing a nice tune before the elections, but after the elections, it is whipping time for us as Singaporeans again. Expect more national service, lower pay, higher housing prices, higher certificate of entitlements and more problems for us to handle and shoulder as Singaporeans.

Why do we continue to defend and keep in power a government that does not have our best interests at heart? Why do we continue to trust in a government that has let us down time and time again? Why do we continue to live in denial, believing the lies that are being spouted through the mainstream media, treating us as daft and foolish?

The real system behind the Singapore economy is that of keeping Singaporeans poor, their eyes covered by lies, and their ears filtered to hear only the good stuff. Many Singaporeans are living in ignorance. Ignorance may be bliss, but it is only for a limited amount of time. Sooner or later the problems created will come back to haunt us. By then, the people responsible for these policies will simply be nowhere to be found, after they have lined their pockets and had their fun.

The Singapore government is manipulative. They have many tricks up their sleeve. And no matter how well prepared you are, they will always find a way to fix you. You can run but eventually they will get you one way or another. The thing is, people who have not been on the side who bore the brunt of their policies will not truly understand. New Singaporeans who came in and enjoyed the benefits did not play a part in building the country, yet the act as if they’ve been here all the time. As a true born and bred Singaporean, I can feel the resentment coursing through my veins and my bones, and I know that there are many Singaporeans who feel the same way too.

We must not continue to tolerate any more of such abuses of power by the government. We need to vote to make a change. I feel that this elections will be the last chance for us to change the course of our country. I think the most important thing is to look at heart of the people leading you, as that is the most important factor. Is the heart of the ruling party for Singaporeans? If not, then we should stop allowing this leader to remain in power and we should remove them for their seat of influence and decision making as soon as possible.

Sometimes, it is not that difficult to stop this political machinery from functioning. There is no point in continuing to stay on ship that isn’t headed where we want to go. When pirates have taken over the ship, it’s not for the owners to jump off the ship, but the right thing to be done would be to throw the pirates off the ship. That, is Singapore in a nutshell. At the beginning, things were going well because everyone supported the crew and everyone was heading towards a better future.

Over time, the captain of the ship changed, promising to bring in success for Singapore for more time to come. However, this captain did not have the real spirit of helping to advance Singapore, but rather was motivated by selfish ambition and to prove his ability. With the wrong people in charge of this ship, this ship went through some thunderstorms such as the financial crisis, which could have been avoided had there been a better captain in charge of the ship. This captain simply rode on the successes of the past, but if examined in context, this leader is a terrible one, even with the multitude of cronies and advisers aiding him.

I believe that it is alright to give someone a chance. However, if he does not appreciate the chance to change and make something good out of the opportunity, he shouldn’t be given chance after chance to improve. Sometimes, we need to draw a line and say, enough is enough!

Sometimes, we need to stop being like a frog in a pot of water that is slowly heating up, and jump out before we are cooked. I believe that the continued mistakes of the government cannot continue to go unpunished. Many Singaporeans are like frogs in the well, not knowing that hot water is slowly seeping into the well, and that they are slowly being cooked. I believe that the line has already been crossed, and now it is up to us as the referee to mete out the punishment.

This government has been merciless in treating dissidents, and people who do not agree with their policies.

Since the time of Lee Kuan Yew, they have made use of draconian laws to imprison people like Lim Chin Siong who they felt were a threat to their agenda. The best weapon that we have against regimes like that is information.

Why it that people are blind to the truth? Why do we allow ourselves to be misled by people who come around once every five years, pretending to be our friend, and then backstabbing us time after time for the next four years?

Once person has failed you, especially in politics, it is important to remember not to accord this person the same level of trust again. They have enriched themselves at the expense of hard working Singaporeans, many of whom feel a strong sense of injustice at being treated worse than foreigners in Singapore.

At the end of the day, my only hope is to see a better Singapore in which my children can live happily and not live under a tyrannical, word-twisting and manipulative government. A government that instils fear in order to achieve its objectives is not a democratic one. That is something important which Singaporeans need to realise.

Sometimes, when the “wayang” show is not going well, it is not useful to remove one or two puppets. The puppet master, pulling the strings, is to blame, because a bad workman quarrels with his tools. We have given the Singapore government chance after chance to make amends, but they have ignored the voices of the people and refused to make real change.

Today, I call on you to stop tolerating any more. They have taken your tolerance for granted. I call on you to realise that you deserve much better than that. We Singaporeans are much more hardworking than our foreign counterparts, better educated and we possess much better values and morals. However, this does not mean that we should continue to serve a political system which is not good for us in the long run. Even if you can tolerate it, how would like be for your children? I think that if nothing is done to change the course of our country, we would be headed towards disaster.

If you think about things carefully and in the right perspective, you would realise that the PAP has overhyped many of their “successes” and downplayed many of their failures. Many broken promises which people conveniently forget about. If Singapore was not a country with problems, Amos Yee would not have to do what he did. There is no denying that there is at least some fragment of truth to some of the things which he said, and no amount of PAP whitewashing of facts can change that reality.

Many of the “successes of the PAP” were a result of the hard work of many Singaporeans who sacrificed and dedicated their lives to establishing certain communities and organisations, but many of these people were not properly credited, and it seemed like the PAP was the mastermind behind making Singapore what it is today.

To clarify the difference, a true leader is one that walks journeys with the people, not sitting in the comfort of a throne and just giving blind directions. Anyone can play the role of a dictator, and blame the foot soldiers when they do not win the war, when the truth is that the so-called leader made very poorly informed and unwise decisions.

Personally, I feel that I cannot continue to stomach any more of this injustice or problems which are prevalent in our country today. We cannot continue to sit by and do nothing, while we watch beloved Singapore being ruined, pillaged and plundered.

Singaporeans, I call on you today to not be blind to the problems around you today. This is not a problem of religion, of race, but one of leadership. A leader who insists on being in power is no longer a leader, but a slave master and a dictator.

To end off this message, I would like to remind you of our Singapore pledge.

“We, the citizens of Singapore,
Pledge ourselves as one united people.
Regardless of race, language or religion,
To build a democratic society
Based on justice and equality,
So as to achieve
Happiness, prosperity and progress for our Nation”

Majulah Singapura!

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