Amos Yee back in remand after refusing bail terms

state court entrance

Amos Yee, the 16 year old teenager who is being charged with harassment, and with deliberately wounding religious feelings for uploading a YouTube video is placed back in remand after declining to be bailed in response to what he claims to be “ridiculous” terms for bail.

Amos’ bail conditions had required him not to upload or distribute any content online before his case is concluded.

Amos’ father was in court along with his bailor, counsellor Vincent Law.

Amos was remanded after the pre-trial conference, as he refused to set his blog posts to private. He had also earlier flouted bail conditions by publishing two posts on his blog.

The court allowed bail for Amos and set a new bail amount has been set at S$30,000, up from the initial bail of S$20,000, put up by Mr Vincent Law, a family and youth counsellor who bailed Amos out previously.

However, Amos declined to be bailed as he did not want to abide by the condition of bail set by the court which disallow him to make any posting or access to internet.

As such, Mr Law has discharged himself as Amos’ bailor.

Amos will be in police’s remand and the next pre-trial conference for Amos has been set for 4 May.