Outgoing labour chief is just ordinary at best

By Joanna Chia

Read this morning about outgoing labour chief Lim Swee Say urging and warning that if workers do not upgrade their skills, Singapore will lose out to other countries and become just a normal country.

Truth be told, Swee Say himself is just ordinary at best. He cannot compete on the world stage. The standard is just not there.

If he can be normal, the audacity is unbelievable to ask workers to be special. Does not the outgoing NTUC chief realize that during his watch and others before him at NTUC is actually a failure in real terms. Before asking more out of workers like how it has always been from them, do something about the ridiculously ever widening income gap.

Is this not a good measure of how workers progress rather than just say it is better to have a job? The actual truth is, it will be best to have a job and still not be at the extreme lower end of this income disparity which should not be too wide.

Every call seems to ask workers to do their best and to sacrifice for the greater good for the country’s economy. The reality is that workers have put in so much over the years that when the pie is divided, the sharing is so disproportionate that it becomes just scraps for the workers. Let us really do something about this injustice to workers.

Let us see how the new NTUC chief corrects this grave social injustice. Workers have sacrificed too much for too long. It is time NTUC truly represents workers and workers interest first.