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    Why job cheats cheat – Part II
    By The Online Citizen Published on by The Online Citizen 9

    By Masked Crusader Following more than a week, the Info-Comm Development Authority of Singapore finally announced that its thorough investigation into Nisha Padmanabhan’s MBA degree from a known degree mill has concluded. IDA says: (It is) satisfied that she did not deceive or Read More

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    Tokio Marine: Advertisement intended to communicate the family values of filial piety, gratitude
    By Terry Xu Published on by Terry Xu 3

    A reader, Ms Candy Tan wrote in to express her concern about an advertisement (shown above) posted by Tokio Marine Insurance Group. The advertisement writes, “Yesterday, he took care of me. Today, I’m returning the favour.” She said, “What values are they incorporating? Read More

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    Employee “did not deceive” agency in job application: IDA
    By Andrew Loh Published on by Andrew Loh 98

    The Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore says its investigations have shown that its employee, Nisha Padmanabhan, “did not deceive” the statutory board when she included her MBA degree in her job application. Her MBA has been the focus of controversy in recent Read More

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