Foreign workers rush to the rescue of a baby stuck at second floor

Video source from Alvinology

The video above shows a baby being trapped in rails outside a ledge of a flat at second floor and how a foreign worker came to the rescue of the baby by climbing up to second floor with the help of his friends.

There is no information of how the baby got into the situation as depicted in the video.

According to Alvin on his blog post, the incident took place on Thursday, 23 April at around 1pm at Block 371, Jurong East Ave 1 and the videos were sent to him by his friend who happened to be at the scene. By the time his friend arrived at the scene, the baby was already stuck in between the rails of the parapet and crying for help.

According to his friend, a lady was first to see the baby on the ledge and shouted for help.

In the video, a lady can be heard saying that she called the police after hearing the baby cry for help while the baby struggles to free the head from the rail.

Two men tried to heave themselves up on the ledge to save the baby, but failed as they were not strong enough. Someone also went upstairs to knock on the door but no-one responded.

Eventually, the foriegn worker in the video turned up in response to the shout for help. According to the blog post, he was one of three foreign workers working on road repairs nearby.

The worker (presumed to an Indian from the spoken language) got himself up on the ledge at 2nd floor with ease and hoisted the toddler halfway through the rails so that the baby could breathe and be more comfortable.

According to a commenter, the foreign worker had another one of his friend climb up to the flat to assist him to get the baby from inside the kitchen. The Singapore Civil Defence (SCDF) came later to help them down. The commenter also said, “I was there and said well done to him before the police round him for statement.”

Were you there at the scene? Or do you know the identity of these kind Samaritans?

TOC has written to SPF, LTA and Jurong Town Council to see if they could shed some light on their identity.